If you can dream it, we can build it

Who We Are

Tom, designer and chief fabricator.
Tom has been building custom cars and bikes for over 20 years.  His resume includes several well known custom shops in addition to having had his own custom shop for several years.  Tom's career includes being the lead mechanic and fabrication manager for a well-known Indy Car / Champ Car Team.  He is also a creative genius whose skills have been seen on the Discovery Channel program "Monster Nation".  Tom is one of those blessed individuals that can fabricate anything that he can imagine.  He is always improving and changing things and is never happy with anything that is stock.  We jokingly refer to some of his creations as “demented creations', but it is truly amazing what he can do.  None of us would be surprised if Tom converted a steam locomotive into a nitrous breathing wiener mobile. 
Tom's creations include his own motorcycles and rides including the Mystery Machine.  His projects have won awards, but Tom would much rather build and drive them then show them.  Whatever he's driving you can be sure that it gathers a crowd when he parks.
One more indication of Tom's skills is the dragster (complete with nitrous tanks) inspired baby stroller that he made to bring his newborn daughter home from the hospital. 

Other Staff
Other unique talents of some of our staff, besides being qualified to work on our customer's customs, include ASE certification, vehicle appraiser certification, NCRS judge certification, performance /race engine experience - and the list of skills goes on.  We don't expect our customers to leave their treasures in the hands of a bunch of amateurs.