Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How come the shop ... ?
  2. Do you sell ... ?
  3. Do you give ... ?
  4. Will you install... ?
  5. How long ... ?
  6. When is ... ?

How come your shop doesn’t look crowded?

Three reasons: 1.  We schedule our projects carefully so we can concentrate on each project without jumping from one to another.  2.  We complete our projects and don’t have them hanging around.  3. We are not in the storage business.

A crowded shop means that:
            A project is more likely to be damaged.
            Parts are more likely to get lost.
            Details can be overlooked.

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Do you sell Parts? ?

We are a dealer for several manufacturers, but we concentrate on building, restoration and repairing – not selling parts.

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Do you give estimates?

Yes & No

For small jobs or repairs we can often times make an accurate estimate before beginning work.  For larger projects, we can only give a ballpark figure with a large variance.    Remember that the vehicles that we work on are very old and before they come to our shop they have been worked on by many previous owners and repair shops.  Very often we have no idea of what we will find when we start work.  In the case of many customs and hot rods, it’s not even possible to determine what parts were used in the original build or in subsequent repairs until work actually begins. 

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Will you install parts furnished by the owner??

Sure, and if fact that is sometimes more convenient and economical for the customer.  Often times it takes a lot of research time and running around to get difficult to obtain parts.  If the owner spends the time instead of us, it saves him money. Customers may also save on Sales Tax by purchasing their own parts.

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How long will the project take?

For small repairs, we can usually project a completion date.  We order the parts that we expect to need and will schedule the vehicle into our shop after we have the parts in hand.  That lessens the time the vehicle will be in our shop.

For major projects, we establish a comprehensive written schedule prior to beginning work.  Once work is started, we periodically update and adjust the schedule so that the owner knows where things stand during the project.  Some shops refuse to prepare written schedules by saying that there are to many variables.  We say that large construction projects are much more complex then building a car, and if people can schedule building something as complex as an oil refinery, then we can schedule building a car.

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