Finish Levels

The Finish Level, more then anything else will determine the complexity of the project and may impact the owner’s choices of paint, engine, interior, etc. The Finish Level will directly affect the cost and schedule of the project.

We divide projects into four general “Finish Levels”, with Level 1 being the most detailed and Level 4 being the least detailed. In general terms, Level 1 can be referred as “Concours”. Level 2 being “Show”, Level 3 being “Show & Shine”, and Level 4 being “Recreational”.

Level 1

This level of workmanship is for vehicles competing at Pebble Beach, chasing the Riddler or being shown in museums. Level 1 vehicles cease being cars and become works of art. As works of art, these cars are never or rarely driven and extreme care is taken in their transportation to and from shows and in storage. Level 1 restorations adhere to strict authenticity and maximum professional standards in all areas. Level 1 custom builds are the dream cars seen in magazines.

Level 2

The mirror finish of the paint will catch your eye and the eyes of others. At first glance you won’t be able to tell the difference between a Level 1 and a Level 2 vehicle, but with closer inspection you will notice less attention to small details.

Cars in this category compete in indoor shows unless they have been heavily driven. Level 2 vehicles are typically trailered to shows, but they may also be lightly driven. For restorations, some variances from original authenticity are inherent, but this is a superior restoration except for some of the Level 1 preparation. The same is true for a custom build: there will be some areas with lesser detail then a Level 1, but the Level 2 is still a superior build. The vehicle will show well at indoor shows and will be a showstopper at most parking lot shows.

Level 3

Vehicles in this standard compete in car shows, but they are mostly driven for the owner’s pleasure. The paint and bodywork is to a high standard, but the parts and materials subjected to use and road wear are finished to a more practical standard.

This is typically where you will find driven cars that have been restored to manufacturers specifications for cosmetic fit and finish. The vehicles are very clean while remaining functional. These cars typically do well in unjudged shows. This standard of workmanship is for owners who want to drive their cars for the sheer pleasure of driving.

Level 4

Vehicles in this standard are recreational vehicles. They receive attention from the public because they are interesting, different or old. The fit, finish and detail are not as important to their owners as the joy of owning something different. They are cruisers and drivers that give their owners fun times and might win participation awards at local cruises and events. These cars are never trailered and are stored without special handling.